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Alex and Richard bought an existing farm in 2014 on the west shore of Lake Naivasha and from it they have developed a unique mixed-use community called Ecoscapes Sanctuary.  Ecoscapes Sanctuary is 150 acres in size.   At Ecoscapes Sanctuary we have sub-divided fourteen 2 acre plots which are available for sale as lovely residential properties.   We also have 10 acres of organic vegetable gardens, a garden centre (to be opened in the future), 10 acres of botanical gardens, an airstrip, a boat yard and 80 acres of wildlife sanctuary outside the electric fence.  This area abuts the lake, where we have a mobile boat jetty, which allows access to the lake at all times of the year.

As of September 2017,  Ecoscapes Organic Market Garden has been organically certified in accordance with the East Africa Organic Standards.  The first crop to be planted under the organic practice system went in the ground at the beginning of November 2015.  We produce a wide range of organically grown crops which are sold in Naivasha and Nairobi.

The 10 acres of botanical gardens will show-case the wide variety of plants, both indigenous and exotic, that are grown in Kenya.  We do however promote the use of indigenous, drought resistant and medicinal plants within the garden environment.

The garden centre will have a plant nursery and retail outlet for gardening and household products.  There will be restaurant and art galleria as well as a museum, show-casing the colonial history of Kenya.  Several cottages will be incorporated in the grounds of the botanical gardens to provide accommodation for guests.  We will also be running courses in organic farming, landscape design and permaculture as part of our business plan.

We have retained the 80 acres outside the electric fence as a wildlife sanctuary as we believe that preserving habitats for wildlife is an essential part of living holistically with the environment.  

The Ecoscapes Sustainability Centre, which is in the conceptual stage, will guide people on how to live sustainably with the environment.

Ecoscapes Residential Community


Secure country living in harmony with nature

Ecoscapes Sanctuary is located on the west of Lake Naivasha far away from the greenhouse farms and Naivasha town.  It is in a lovely area next to Crater Lake.  Together with our neighbours, we have created a large contiguous wildlife sanctuary where the diverse number of different animals can roam freely unhindered by fences.  

We have 150 acres of which we have excised 14 x 2 acre serviced plots in one block.  The rest of the land is comprised of: 80 acres of game sanctuary, 10 acres of organic vegetables, 4 acres of garden centre and 10 acres of botanical gardens with cottages to be built in the future.  We also have an airstrip running 816m in length.  There is lake frontage within the game sanctuary and a private mobile jetty that accommodates the rising and retreating of the water so that the lake can be used at all times of the year.                                                     

A home within an holistic ecosystem

When you buy a plot you are not just buying your land but you are buying into the whole of Ecoscapes Sanctuary where you are free to roam around the farm, botanical gardens and wildlilfe sanctuary.  This peaceful, beautiful area of Lake Naivasha is a gem rare to find and therefore to be cherished.

Ecoscapes Wildlife Sanctuary

Together with our neighbours, we have created a large contiguous wildlife sanctuary where the diverse number of different animals can roam freely unhindered by fences.  Access to this area is limited to walking and cycling and vehicles can only use the one road to the lake side.


Ecoscapes Water Sports Centre

Keep your boats secure at the Ecoscapes boat yard and use them when needed.  We have easy access to the lake through the wildlife sanctuary and a tractor to put the boats in and out of the water.

The mobile jetty at Korongo Bay on the shores of Lake Naivasha is the perfect solution to the ever fluctuating lake.  Water sports can enjoyed all year round in this perfect climate.

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