Ecoscapes Sustainability Centre

Ecoscapes is creating a sustainability center at Ecoscapes Sanctuary in Naivasha.  Many of the efforts on sustainability and renewable energy in Africa have been aimed at providing technology and services to the bottom of the pyramid.  This is important work that Ecoscapes’ Partners such as Mobisol GmbH are heavily involved in.  Ecoscapes supports these efforts by being a dealer for these products, supplying them into the Rift Valley and surrounding areas.  Ecoscapes are proud to be associated with Mobisol’s contribution to renewable energy and development throughout East Africa.

Beyond Solar systems Ecoscapes plan to expand into other renewables including; Biogas, Water Filtration, Thermal Water, Solar Water Pumps and Small Business Power Systems. All of these will be show-cased at Ecoscapes’ Renewable Energy Center in Naivasha


Ecoscapes’ vision is that the real impact of the renewable energy center will not be felt just at the bottom of the pyramid.  We believe that the key decision makers in driving responsible decision makings within society as a whole are those within Africa’s emerging middle class and middle management.  They are the ones who have the most influence over decisions within private sector companies and government institutions.  The Ecoscapes Sustainability Center will showcase these real-life applications of renewable energy to the new generation of Africa City Dwellers who may not necessarily, in the course of their everyday lives, have exposure to these technologies.   At Ecoscapes we are passionate about the impact this could deliver to society as a whole.

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