Ecoscapes Consulting

The Ecoscapes management team has over 50 years of combined experience in: landscape architecture, data communications, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Since 2017 Ecoscapes have been making the knowledge and experience gained over that period and through the development of Ecoscapes Sanctuary available to other organisations through providing consultancy services.

In particular Alex Bell specialises in advising 3rd parties on sustainable farming practices such as the production of compost us as fully renewable substitute for commercially available chemical fertilisers.  Using the Indore Production Methodology, Ecoscapes have perfected a means to produce compost based fertiliser which satisfies 100% of the energy requirements for growing plants in a totally sustainable and renewable production process.

Richard Bell specializes in the evolving ecosystem of Cloud computing which is a means to greatly increase efficiencies of computing resources and through that reduce Overall energy requirements in the race towards renewable energy as the primary source of global power consumption.  He has consulted extensively for renewable energy companies such as Mobisol and continues to support their operations in Africa.

While the team is based out of the Headquarters at Ecoscapes Sanctuary in Naivasha, the majority of the work is for clients and projects outside of Kenya.  Ecoscapes is available to be consulted by clients around the globe on matters of cloud computing, data communications, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

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