About us

Ecoscapes was founded by Richard and Alex Bell in 2015 to manage the various components of the Ecoscapes Portfolio.  With Richard’s financial and technical skills and Alex’s landscape architectural and horticultural skills, they have used their diverse but complimentary talents, to build their dreams of Ecoscapes Sanctuary and the other elements of the Ecoscapes Portfolio.
  • We want to encourage a community of like-minded people to live at Ecoscapes Sanctuary who value nature and wildlife, living holistically with the environment and who enjoy the outdoors and water sports.
  • We aim to create a destination on the shores of Lake Naivasha which will attract local and international visitors.
  • We aim to promote the ethos of healthy living through embracing organically grown food and a holistic lifestyle in harmony with the environment.
  • We aim to educate people about the Organic Agricultural Movement and encourage other people around us to adopt similar practices.
  • The botanical gardens and nurseries will promote the use of indigenous, drought resistant and medicinal plants in the landscape as an environmentally sound practice for gardening.
  • At the Ecoscapes Organic Market Garden and our other Ecoscapes’ enterprises we value the people who work for us.
  • We believe that the experience of working for us should be enlightening for our employees.  Part of the job is to be taught the theories of our ethos not just the practical aspects.  We encourage our employees to adopt our principles for organic farming and holistic living in their homesteads and to spread the word to their friends and relatives.

Alexandra Bell


Alexandra Bell (nee Archer) has an undergraduate degree in Horticulture (BSC Honours) from Reading University, England and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of Georgia, USA.

Alex was, until December 2016, the sole proprietor of Ecoscapes, a full service landscape architectural practice in Nairobi, which she founded in 1996.  Prior to 1996, she worked for Pickering Firm Inc in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as a landscape architect.

At Ecoscapes our responsibilities for clients included master planning, site planning, feasibility studies, urban design, landscape design, hardscape design, construction detailing and administration and workshop presentation.

Richard Bell


Richard Bell is a seasoned ICT entrepreneur who currently consults on technology, telecoms and renewable energy projects while exploring opportunities to leverage his knowledge through; academia, board appointments and targeted strategic investments in selected technology and renewable energy businesses.

Richard founded Kooba a 3rdparty co-location data center project between 2015 and 2017 before it had to be abandoned due to interference by the Mombasa County Government.  Richard spent a decade between 2007 to 2017 as a Founder and Director of Wananchi Group which is a multi-media infrastructure company across 7 countries in Eastern Africa.  Under their Zuku brand they were the first to deploy large scale fiber to the home infrastructure in Africa.  They also own a media business, Direct-To-Home-Satellite TV business, and a corporate voice & data business.  He stepped down from the board in April 2017.

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