Alexandra Bell


Alexandra Bell (nee Archer) has an undergraduate degree in Horticulture (BSC Honours) from Reading University, England and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of Georgia, USA.

Alex was, until December 2016, the sole proprietor of Ecoscapes, a full service landscape architectural practice in Nairobi, which she founded in 1996.  Prior to 1996, she worked for Pickering Firm Inc in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as a landscape architect.

At Ecoscapes our responsibilities for clients included master planning, site planning, feasibility studies, urban design, landscape design, hardscape design, construction detailing and administration and workshop presentation.

The over-riding philosophy employed in Ecoscapes’ designs is creating sustainable, low impact designs utilizing indigenous materials where possible. We are committed to providing our clientele with the highest level of service possible.  We offer sound, innovative design solutions on time and within budget.

In the 20 years since Alex founded Ecoscapes she has worked on a very broad spectrum of projects for private, civic and commercial clients.  Latterly, Ecoscapes has been commissioned by clients from the outset of a project to perform the master planning, progressing through site planning, grading and drainage, planting and hardscape design detailing and finally the site supervision.

For the past 20 years as a landscape architect Alex has never lost sight of her love of growing plants, which is now being full-filled with the Ecoscapes Organic Market Garden and the Ecoscapes Garden Centre.  The master plan for the Ecoscapes Sanctuary has been designed by Alex to accommodate a lifestyle for the residents to live in harmony with nature on the shores of Lake Naivasha within a secure environment.

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