Ecoscapes Residential Community


Secure country living in harmony with nature

Ecoscapes Sanctuary is located on the west of Lake Naivasha far away from the greenhouse farms and Naivasha town.  It is in a lovely area next to Crater Lake.  Together with our neighbours, we have created a large contiguous wildlife sanctuary where the diverse number of different animals can roam freely unhindered by fences.  

We have 150 acres of which we have excised 14 x 2 acre serviced plots in one block.  The rest of the land is comprised of: 80 acres of game sanctuary, 10 acres of organic vegetables, 4 acres of garden centre and 10 acres of botanical gardens with cottages to be built in the future.  We also have an airstrip running 816m in length.  There is lake frontage within the game sanctuary and a private mobile jetty that accommodates the rising and retreating of the water so that the lake can be used at all times of the year.                                                     

A home within an holistic ecosystem

When you buy a plot you are not just buying your land but you are buying into the whole of Ecoscapes Sanctuary where you are free to roam around the farm, botanical gardens and wildlilfe sanctuary.  This peaceful, beautiful area of Lake Naivasha is a gem rare to find and therefore to be cherished.

We want to encourage a community of like-minded people to live here who value nature and wildlife, living holistically with the environment and who enjoy the outdoors and water sports.

A secure home

Ecoscapes sanctuary is the perfect location for a home, either for weekends or more permanently.  

The plots are located within a secure electric fence overlooking the botanical gardens and the game sanctuary.  The access is gated and the grounds are patrolled by guards.

Sleep secure in your beds at night but enjoy the open space, the lake and nature during the day.  When you are away from your Naivasha home rest assured that your home will be safe.

An opportune home

With the Nairobi-Nakuru four-lane  highway slated to be completed in the near future and the rest of the Moi North Lake Road to be tarmaced, it will an easy commute to and from Nairobi.  

If you fly, having an airstrip on your doorstep is a gift.

Now is the time to buy because once the infrastructure is built the value of your investment is sure to be rewarding.

Our vision for the future

This project has been developed and designed by Alex Bell, a landscape architect with 20 years of experience.  

Within the next 2-5 years we will be developing a garden centre around the existing farm buildings.  Ecoscapes House may become a restaurant and we will build up to 8 cottages in the botanical gardens.  Our current organic vegetable cultivation will continue and we will be working towards embracing permaculture as a way of life at Ecoscapes Sanctuary.  The wildlife sanctuary wiil be protected for the animals in perpetuity. 

We see our future developments complimenting the residential community that we would like to have living at Ecoscapes Sanctuary.  We are passionate about nature and a holistic way of living.


Ecoscapes Sanctuary Brochure v4


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